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::: PICROSS :::

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Talk, share, create, love . . . Picross!
This is inspired by Picross for the Nintendo DS, but please feel free to post about other types, variations, spins, and versions of this same concept or game!

You are free to use alternate methods, but we do have our very own Graphic Picross kit that you can choose to use to publish picross puzzles, or visual aides when asking for help on this community.
[ click here for more info on the kit and the download ]


Q: What if I don't have a DS, or play this game?
A: It's ok if you don't play the DS game, we would still love to share picross ideas with you! So join up and post even if you aren't into the DS version!

Q: What if I'm bored and no one is on wifi?
A: If no one from this community is online at the moment, you can always compete with strangers using the 'Challange Anyone' mode!

Q: Can I ask members for help if I get stuck in the game?
A: You are very welcome to post help request here! The best way to get help is visually display a photograph or a graphical representation of your puzzle. You can use the template mentioned earlier in this post, or whatever other method to show us your puzzle, and we can use the same method to show our suggested solutions!

The maintainers are natsukigirl and catbond

::: View the PICROSS DS WiFi Friend Code Community Roster :::

We are making banners and badges using some of the "payoff" animations from the game. You'll have to save and upload these to be able to use them, but feel free to take, edit, and use them to show your love for picross!